Website Design and Digital Marketing in Los Angeles, California

In Los Angeles and abroad, there is a web design and digital marketing technique called social stacking that helps with your placement tremendously. This is strategy is achieved by layering your social media. For example you tweet about your Facebook, Facebook post about your tumblr, tumblr post about your Linkedin, and post about your twitter and so on. Notice how the is a loop created. The thinking behind this is that you are passing the juice around on these high authority sites by doing this. The desired result is be a higher page authority on each media profile. With higher authority you can rank your money sites much easier. The higher your page authority the more juice will be passed by any link you post. Now that is the theory of stacking. Let’s move on to the down right dirty advantage you can have on these networks.

Let’s take Pinterest for example, which is known to have the highest sales conversion rates, if you post something that a major pinner with millions of followers repins – boom you are an overnight success. Now this doesn’t happen often but it is a good goal to start with. There are many tools out there that will help you and your social endeavors. There is a really cool chrome extension we like to use for twitter that lets you go to a competitors account and click follow all.  This makes your web design life so much easier. It is so nice to just see this program at work. If have any sort of a budget you should look into a program on the market called Syndwire, but we do warn you it is expensive. What this program does is posts all your accounts and you can post to hundreds of media profiles all with the click of a button. This program will save you hundreds of hours. If you are on a budget like us, there is a similar program out there called IFTTT aka “If That Then This”. You can create recipes that do the same thing but it just takes a little more time to set up your marketing campaign. An example would be if you post to a wordpress account than Facebook will repost the content automatically. The best part about social media is you can follow people that are interested in your nice. Just follow all the followers of your competitors – it’s just that easy. It is a beautiful thing when you start to see your site ranking in google in Los Angeles and this organic traffic can be possible with the correct digital marketing strategy . View our SEO digital marketing experts page to learn more about how to implement this.

Best Digital marketing in Los Angeles

Basically web design marketing in Los Angeles the goal is to narrow the target of who will potential click on your link.  It is crucial to be on all the social media you can handle, and to also be extremely active and engaging with your users. You will be shocked at how easy it is. You can quickly become sucessful if you use social media marketing correctly. The next phase of should be your social media campaign. If you are just starting on you online marketing hustle make a really cool profile page that will invite people to join your page. Put out great posts and  follow as many people as you can daily. You quickly will start to see quality traffic to your website just be doing this. This tactic is key to the success of any company.  There are many resources for creating amazing websites out there online. We are currently using one of the best tools available it is called Weebly – you get a very high domain authority from the start which is amazing. You can create a website for free and it is extremely easy to use. There are also other options out there on the web and another agency favorite is the open source platform called WordPress. You can find more on this subject on our homepage.

Mobile Web Design

We live in a day and age that is dominated by the web. The most important business decision you can make is your mobile web design. Nothing is ever perfect on all screens – it is simply impossible. Images with be scaled or cropped and your text content will move around depending on the screen dimensions of the device you are using. During website development you should design your website from the phone up. This means make sure it looks good on all iPhone devices this is very important when it comes to seo. Don’t forget to make sure the functions work as well. This is a game of compromise as some functions might not work on your mobile phone. You are going to want to stay away from LA website design that uses flash. Flash requires a desktop browser and will eliminate all your potential mobile leads.

Website Design Los Angeles

The city of Angels is full of fantastic responsive web designers that specialize in mobile website development. The first thing you want to look into is where your potential designer is from. Make sure you are not dealing with a middleman. So many companies farm their business to other countries that can’t even speak english. Your website is your the most important tool your company has. Find a designer that you can sit down and have in depth meetings regarding the vision you have and where you want to go. If you don’t know what you want in your web design that is ok. Surf the web and find sites that you like – this does not have to even be sites that do the same thing as you but will help the process of design tremendously.

Chances are this video did not make a lot of sense to you. That is because it deals with code, which is another language in it’s own. Hire a developer that knows HTML, Javascript, CSS, and any other languages. They don’t need to be able to write from scratch in each code but it will save time and money if they do.

In conclusion, more than eighty percent of all business transactions occur on a phone. Why would you want to miss out on all those sales. If you have an existing site and need it to be mobile friendly we can help. Contact us and we will put you in touch with a local professional that will lead you and your business to mobile success. If you are wanting to learn how to build websites on your own you can learn very easy online.